Sunday, November 10, 2013

Special Wedding Cards

There are very days which you want to remember for the rest of your lives. Your wedding ceremony is one of them. What makes this beautiful day special for you? From the start, there is a lot to plan and do, but what really need to be given priority is your wedding invitations. If you choose a great design your guests will look at them time and again, wishing for their own nuptials or recalling their wedding day! You can send fabulous handmade wedding cards with snapshots of you and your partner. People will fall in love with this keepsake and cherish the memory of your wedding, forever.

Handmade wedding invites are a souvenir in itself!

This is a very good idea to let others know about your spirit, compatibility and personal choices. The effort that goes into making your wedding invitation is admirable. You never feel it's a daunting task since you are doing it for yourself and your loved one. Handmade cards stir up emotion in you and are sure to take you back to the day when you met your love. Handmade invitations look amazing when made by bringing together vibrant colors and graphic templates or just a simple, graceful design with little embellishments.

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You can call it artwork or a simple note inviting well wishers to the most important day of your life. If you have budget restraints, you can go for easy stock handmade wedding invites rather than going for something fancy. They may not be select, but they would have more individuality than the regular printed ones. If you aren't inviting too many people to your wedding and money is not an issue, go for something lavish and exceptional. Though, eventually, it depends on what you want from your special wedding cards.

Once you pick all the material for making handmade invitations, you must want to know what should be written on the card before you start distributing them,

1. Bride and groom's names 
2. Names of the principal sponsors followed by the secondary sponsors who are also called the 'wedding godparents'. 
3. Names of the spiritual authority 
4. Venue, date and time along with the demonstrated map of the where the guests are should be. 
5. Number of reserved seats for the reception which is to be confirmed on a particular date prior to the wedding.

The most wonderful thing about wedding cards is that they can be designed and made at home, or with the help of a printing company which not only does the task of printing, but also suggest ideas to you. Look at some unique wedding paper themes at a local book store and pick other inserts and add-ons like ribbons, frills, small charms, and logos etc. Be creative and if you need help check out some samples online.

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