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Lovely Medium Haircut Trends

Take the plunge into your next makeover and choose one of these lovely medium haircut trends. Perfectly polished and texturized midis create the desired impact on your look and
are perfect to showcase your hair styling talent.

Make a voguish style stop and try your hand at the hottest hairstyles of the moment. Midis won the heart of millions of fashionistas all over the world. Some of them want it for the infinite hair styling options it offers, others would like to go for the perfect length to rock the transition from short to long tresses.

Regardless of your purpose, make sure you flip through this brief selection of lovely medium haircut trends. Versatility is one of the great benefits you'll get by trimming your locks to shoulder- or chin-length. Create body and definition using a few of the A-lister sculpting formulas.

Medium Bob Haircuts

Mid-length tresses when styled into a timeless bob can do magic with your warm season look. Go for the safest option to stand out from the crowd and make sure you define the ideal style and length that suits your personality and character. Sick of wrestling with unmanageable hair texture? It's high time to consider the advice of pro hairdressers and trim your plain locks. Shine through the crowd with your uber-sophisticated and easy-to-wear midi crop.

Medium Choppy Layered Haircuts

If your tresses are lusting after a brand new and versatile design, be sure you have the following medium layered haircuts among your inspirations. Banish the plain look of split ends and boost the volume of your locks by opting for graduation. Ease your task when looking for the best design to style your midi tresses. Asymmetry is the ultimate solution to add va-va glamor to your hair. Place the uneven sections in the crown area to inject some volume into your hairdo. On the other hand, you can create a delicate and revitalizing effect too if you stick to the lower sections. Choose depending on your mood and purpose with this stylish transformation.

How to Create Stylish Nail Art Designs

Doing your own nail art designs can save you tons of money. You'll not only look amazing, but you'll be able to sport different nail art designs whenever
you desire without having to wait for an appointment. Check out the following stylish designs and learn how to create your own nail art designs!

Nail art designs have become a definite must have which women should definitely not overlook as they can have a great impact over beauty and style. The new techniques and nail art tools developed have enabled nail art technicians to create a myriad of amazing and sophisticated nail art designs that can take your breath away. However, these nail art designs don't come cheap, so if you want to look amazing and be budget-smart at the same time, take some time and learn how to create stylish nail art designs in the comfort of your own home. This way you'll be able to sport your favorite nail art design whenever you desire, without having to spend any money or wait for an appointment with your manicurist.

With a little bit of skill and the proper tools, you'll be able to recreate some fabulous nail art designs and show off your creativity through your fab nails. Pay attention to details as sometimes it's the small details which can make a huge difference. To make the best out of your nails check out the following nail art designs and learn how to recreate them: 

Red nails look amazing and are super popular this year, but if you want your nails to have that “je ne sais quoi” that makes a difference and draws attention, create a fabulous floral nail art on the nails of your thumbs and ring fingers. Start by filing the nail the desired shape and then apply a base coat to ensure the pigment from the red colored nail polish won't stain your nail bed. Use a nail art brush dipped in white acrylic paint to create tiny flowers on the nails. Soft precise strokes will help you create the flower petals which will look lovely. Once you've created the petals, use a toothpick dipped in black colored nail polish or acrylic paint to create the stems and tiny dots on the petals. Glue some rhinestones on for a touch of glamour and seal the design using a clear top coat.

Black and white nail art designs are a perfect option for formal occasions but not only, so make your nails look elegant by creating a French tip manicure. You can correct any mistakes with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Allow the white nail color to dry before you use a thin nail art brush dipped in black acrylic paint to trace out stylish curved lines and small dots. Add glitter or rhinestones to the nail and seal the design using a clear top coat to ensure it lasts longer and receives that glossy finish that makes a difference. 

Glam, glitter nails look amazing, so make your nails shine using your favorite glitter colors. Apply a clear nail polish on and use a nail art brush dipped in glitter to apply it uniformly on the tip of your nail. Seal the glitter in by applying another coat of nail polish and wait for it to dry. Once the nail polish has dried, take your favorite rhinestones and some nail glue and create a lovely design on your ring finger or on all nails if you desire. Apply a tiny drop of glue on the nail using a toothpick and apply the rhinestone in place to set. Repeat until you've created the desired design and seal with a clear top coat. 

Hottest Hair Highlights Trends

The new shade alert encourages fashionistas to experiment with the hottest hair highlights trends. Flip through the rich repertoire of hair design ideas
and make sure you pick the tone that best suits your personality.

It's time to kiss goodbye to your lank and lifeless locks with the newest hair coloring trends. Add a splash of color to your 'do by opting for eye-popping hues or more natural looking tones. The hottest hair highlights trends presented below will furnish your with a fun alternatives to make a dramatic change in your appearance.

Don't shy away of a voguish makeover and refuse to limit yourself to one shade only. Try your hand at the multitude of lowlights and highlights that create a unique and scene-stealing effect when matched with your base tone.

Colorful highlights can inject luxurious definition and volume into your tresses. The sole condition to guarantee the success of your transformation is to ask the help of a pro hair colorist. However, before visiting your fave beauty salon you can skim through a myriad of hairstyle inspirations. Define the measure of dyeing along with the technique used to vamp up your hairdo. Dip-dyeing, chunky highlights along with tone-on-tone hair coloring are only some of the most impressive methods to ramp up your look in an instant. Natural looking shades will be perfect if you're not ready to go from classy to super-bold. 

Multi-tonal shades are the hottest accessories of the moment. The various colors can be easily fused into a complex and show-stopping hairdo. Choose your top hues from an infinite color palette and make sure you have the right attitude to dig out the most of your versatile style. Red, purple and even pink are some of the colors to keep an eye on if you're not afraid to add an extra glam factor to your strands. Draw some inspiration from these visionary hair designs created by A-lister colorists. Make sure you have a well-defined idea of the purpose of your makeover. In order to secure the long-lasting radiance of your vibrant shade it is highly recommended to embed the most important color protective products into your hair care routine. 

Fat Burning Foods for Rapid Weight Loss

If your diet lacks the fat burning foods for rapid weight loss, you might notice a slow-down in your slimming project. Include the ingredients below into your nutritional plan to make
sure your body breaks down the fat deposits in the quickest time.

Combining a healthy diet with a balanced exercise routine is the secret to have a flawless silhouette. When it comes to your nutrition, besides the natural and organism-friendly ingredients, you can also embed a few of the fat burning foods for rapid weight loss.

Different fruits, veggies and dairy products can boost the functioning of your metabolism helping you burn calories more easily. Make a dramatic change in your lifestyle and learn more about the simplest ways on how to embrace a nutritive meal plan using the following set of foods.


This green ingredient is packed with iron and calcium along with vitamins like K, A and C. Those who wish to load their organism with anti-oxidants that contribute to the proper functioning of the metabolism will have the chance to prepare delicious salads and servings using kale. Pamper your tasting buds with delicious roasted kale or various meals that include this veggie.

Sweet Potatoes

Explore the magical effect of this fat burning ingredient. Pro nutritionists claim that sweet potatoes are some of the most revolutionary foods to lose weight with.

These veggies can be digested pretty slowly, therefore they'll give you a sense of satiety. Swap regular potatoes for sweet potatoes and prepare your fave recipes using this calorie-burning ingredient.

Brussels Sprouts

These tiny cabbages are extremely delicious and have literally no fat content. Moreover, those who wish to tone their muscles can also take full advantage of the fiber from Brussels sprouts.

You'll also find vitamin A,C and potassium in these veggies which are extremely important for your organism and metabolism. Raw and roasted Brussels sprouts are perfect to load your body with energy.


Broccoli is one of the most beloved veggies all over the world. People consume it roasted and cooked as well as included into other ambrosial recipes. Broccoli has absolutely no fat which makes it a top ingredient to include in our slimming diet. This natural fat burning element is high in fiber and carotene along with calcium and vitamin C. Dig out the most of your weight loss project by eating the most nutritive ingredients.


Lettuce just can't be eliminated from a calorie burning diet plan. This green ingredient is perfect to cut back on calories and stuff your organism with vitamin C. One cup of lettuce contains no more than 10 calories. Use it as the best remedy to tame your cravings and handle hunger with ease.

Home Remedies for Brown Spots on Skin

The years of unprotected sun exposure are best revealed by unsightly brown spots. However, even if prevention has failed not everything is lost as there are several home
remedies that can help you make them less apparent. Try a few inexpensive and natural solutions that will enable you to look younger if applied consistently.

Brown spots are a common problem of skin aging. While some take these sun spots as a part of the natural aging process and embrace them, other would like noting more than to have them removed and prevent them in the future as much as possible. While prevention is fairly easy as it only requires using sunscreen and avoiding overexposure, making them a little less visible will most likely take more time.

Although there are many creams available on the market to help treat this problem, many women are concerned with the potential side effects these treatments might have. If hydroquinone based creams are exactly one of the options you have in mind for treating this problem, natural remedies might be a better choice. While natural does not necessarily mean side effect free, certain natural treatments are better tolerated by the skin. If you've decided to go on the natural remedy root, here are a few simple recipes you can try:

Avocado, cucumber and carrot paste

Puree these ingredients for a natural, quick and simple treatment that will leave your skin nourished and well moisturized. Carrots are a great source of vitamin A while avocado contains a lot of healthy fats that can improve the condition of the skin. Along with cucumbers the mix has both a soothing and a nourishing effect on the skin. Let the paste dry and then remove it with cool water.

Lemon juice and honey

This combo is one of the most popular ones for a variety of skin problems from freckles to skin whitening as it has natural bleaching properties. While the lemon juice is a potential irritant, especially for those struggling with sensitive skin, the honey is a great moisturizer with a multitude of benefits, including anti-inflammatory ones. Other variations include lime juice, turmeric and parsley leafs for a similar effect. 

Mashed chick peas

If you are interested in international beauty tips, this brown spots remedy inspired by Israelite women might spark your interest. This recipe calls for 1/3 cup of canned chick peas or boiled chick peas. Mash the chick peas and add a little water. Smear the paste on the targeted areas and rinse it off with lukewarm water once the mixture starts crumbling. Being a gentle mixture, it can be reapplied every night without any problems.

Onion and vinegar mix

This might not the the best smelling combo from the list yet it can be effective in treating this problem. Grate an onion and squeeze it with a cheesecloth until you get a teaspoon of onion juice then add two teaspoons of white or apple cider vinegar. Massage the mixture gently into the skin and rinse off with cold water after 15 minutes.

Castor oil

This is thought to be one of the most beneficial oils when it comes to treating brown spots. Thanks to its ability to penetrate the skin deeply and its acid content, castor oil can be a useful addition to your beauty routine. To enjoy its benefits simply make sure to apply castor oil over the targeted areas, twice a day. Make sure to avoid eye contact when dealing with castor oil and only use it externally.

Versace for H&M Fall 2011 Capsule Collection

The renowned Swedish H&M has always prepared a variety of pleasant surprises and the latest brand collaboration will be no exception. Their
upcoming collection will feature a collaboration with the Italian luxury brand Versace and will be inspired by past collection of the high end label.

After the H&M x Lanvin collaboration, that turned out to be a tremendous success, H&M aims to exceed the consumer expectations once again by featuring another exciting collaboration with Versace. Just like previous collaboration with important names from the fashion industry such as Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo or Comme des Garçons, the new line will give fashion interested individuals the chance of embracing high end fashion at a reasonable price range.

Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M readily reveals the main attributes the new capsule collection will have: "Versace is one of the most important brands of recent times and their collection for H&M will be glamorous and flamboyant - everything Versace stands for. Donatella Versace is sharing with us iconic designs from the archives. This is such a celebratory  collaboration and is perfect for the party season".

Donatella Versace has also stressed the iconic inspiration for the collection by saying:
"I am thrilled to be collaborating with H&M and to have the opportunity of reaching its wide audience. The collection will be quintessential Versace, perfect for H&M and Versace fans everywhere."

The statement is quite an attitude shift if we think about the views that the designer had back in 2008 when she was not fond of the idea of associating the brand name with more affordable brands: "I respect everyone who does it. But the reason I didn't do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand", Donatella explained back then. 

Considering the fact that the collection will represent the core concepts the luxury brand has acquired over the years, we can expect to see a lot of daring prints, exuberant colors, silk, studded leather, flawless tailoring and top quality fabrics at the price ranges H&M has gotten us used to over the years. The collection will feature 40 garments for women and 20 garments for men, including tuxedos.

The collection will be released for sale on November 17. Not only that, but rumors also state that this collection will be followed by another pre-spring one that will be available on January 19, 2012. The upcoming months sure seem fashionable and we cannot wait to have a full glimpse of the upcoming capsule collection from the two brands. 

MAC Colourizations Collection for Fall 2011

Tame your cravings for vibrant shades and ultra-refined textures with the MAC Colourizations collection for Fall 2011. Define your eyes with high street
liners and eye shadows that can definitely inject some drama into your alluring glimpse.

Never underestimate the visual power of a radiant eye makeup. In order to stand out from the crowd it is important to work with an unlimited color palette. MAC is one of the most impressive makeup brands that provides beauty bunnies from all over the world with a series of glam collections.

This time drop a glimpse at the MAC Colourizations line for Fall 2011. This fabulous repertoire of makeup products can sweep you off your feet if you're ready to surrender to the new world order of show-stopping makeup trends.

From the company's description we find out that, “Couples can be seemingly mismatched…but when it works, it’s wonderful! These Duos for Eyes are doubly dramatic, with two shades combined in sophisticated unexpected ways…so much so that we call them M·A·C DOUBLE FEATURES.

In eight daring pairings, they’re being introduced just as Summer fades away, COLOURIZATIONS Double Feature Shadow Compacts are the quickest, most convenient way to incite the imagination.” Undoubtedly, those who are craving for a high street makeup kit will definitely find at least one glam matching from these stylish sets.
The shades to choose from are:

Double Feature 1: bright yellow gold (veluxe pearl) / pinked-up chrome purple (frost)
Double Feature 2: bright lime (veluxe pearl) / frosty deep grey (satin)
Double Feature 3: mid-tone teal (matte) / deep chocolate (satin)
Double Feature 4: deep forest green (veluxe pearl) / mid-tone ochre brown (matte)
Double Feature 5: pale frosty peach (frost) / dark brown with green pearl (frost)
Double Feature 6: light grey taupe (matte) / mid-tone bronze (veluxe pearl)
Double Feature 7: bright fuchsia (frost) / cool black (satin)
Double Feature 8: mid-tone orange (frost) / deep navy (satin)

The maxi collection contains also a voguish selection of Technakohl Liners, A Zoom Lash mascara along with two makeup brushes. These uber-sophisticated makeup formulas will allow you to add unearthly radiance to your glimpse.

Technakohl Liners

Choose your fave from the following shades:

Graphblack: rich graphic black
Photogravure: soft black with brown undertone
Purple Dash: intense aubergine
Auto-de-blu: amethyst
Uniform: deep khaki green with gold pearl
Jade Way: pure emerald green with frost

Zoom Lash

Zoomblack: rich black


222: tapered blending brush
275: medium angled shading brush

The collection will be available from July 29th, 2011 (Nordstrom/The Bay), August 2011 (All MAC Locations)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shine by Heidi Klum New Fragrance

Just a while back we've announced the exciting new project Heidi Klum has embarked on: creating her very own fragrance. Now we're pleased to
announce the fact that the project is starting to become a reality as the design and latest details about the project were finally revealed. Find out the latest details about the diva's project.

It seems like Heidi Klum has really dedicated a lot of her energy in developing her first signature scent. The first pictures of the new scent, 'Shine', as well as its defining notes have already been revealed. The gorgeous supermodel has been working closely with her team of experts and the results are starting to show.

For the perfume, Heidi chose to combine femininity and luxury for an alluring and sophisticated scent: “There are different moods that as a fragrance creator you can travel to. But for my first one, I wanted what I felt my staple would be. I wanted it to be sensual and feminine, but still luxurious and expensive-smelling — because I think there are so many perfumes out there that smell cheap and too sweet.”

A floral oriental based perfume seems to have been the winning combination the diva along with Aurélien Guichard, Jean Guichard and Olivier Pescheux of Givaudan have ultimately decided on. As a result, ' Shine' will mesmerize women with delicate mandarin, pear and pink peppercorn as top notes.

The core notes of the fragrance consisting of mimosa absolute, lily of the valley and sunflower will add complexity to the fragrance while the base notes that will include vanilla, Venezuelan tonka bean and musk  will add the final defining touches to this wonderful bouquet of scents.

As far as the bottle is concerned, classicism and minimalism seem to be the core concepts embraced: an opulent golden shade that exudes opulence in a surprisingly minimalistic matter that is truly synonymic with high class. Available in three sizes, the eaux de toilette will have prices ranging from $17 to $35. 

No detail is left to chance and as a result, the ad campaign due to be released in September has already been planned. It appears that Heidi is a big proponent of naturalness and trustfulness when it comes to advertising. As a result, she is opposed to too many photo retouches: “You can sell a dream, and you can sell a lifestyle that a woman aspires to have, but you can’t completely trick her. If people retouch me too much, I get upset — yes, you can help me out a little here and there, but don’t go overboard. I have one tooth that’s longer than another, and if you look at the [Shine] ad my snaggletooth is coming out a little bit — but I like that.”

With everything carefully planned out, it seems that the diva has already started planning ahead. Heidi seems quite confident that her first scent will meet the projected sales figures, so much so that she is already planning to release two additional fragrances: one for spring 2011, while another is due to be launched in the fall of 2013. That's certainly wonderful news for the millions of fans who will come to adore her first fragrance. 

How to Eat Less - Portion Control Tips

Portion control is one of the few most important behaviors for long term weight loss and maintenance. However, cravings, complicated guidelines and
a busy lifestyle can really derail us at times. Forming the habit of portion control is much easier if you rely on a few simple tips rather than stressing too much over the right method.

Portion control is one of those concepts that can seem easy in theory, yet a little complicated to put into practice. That's because the guidelines when it comes to serving sizes are quite complicated and are not easy to remember most of the time. If we add this to the fact that limiting certain indulgences can make us crave them more instead of less, things get even tougher.

However, we don't have to spend all day measuring or weighting our food in order to stay on track when dieting. Knowing the portions for various types of food can definitely help, yet we don't have to be very concerned with doing everything perfectly. The following suggestions will help you get into the habit of getting portions right without too much effort.

Order a kid size meal. Particularly with foods that are easy to indulge in, ordering a kid size meal can help us be more mindful when it comes to our total intake. Aside from being a money saver, this strategy can keep us from feeling deprived and minimize the chance that we will binge later on. A similar strategy that can be used when cooking at home is to use a 9 inch plate instead of a regular one. You will automatically eat less without really noticing. However, make sure that you don't go for seconds as you will tend to eat more than you normally would.

Build a better plate. Eating more without feeling that your portions are drastically reduced is easier if you fill half your plate with fruits and veggies while the other half is filled with protein and starch. Other similar variations are treating meat as a side dish or eating a salad before the main course to suppress your appetite. Keeping dishes out of the table is also a quick and simple idea to avoid temptation to overeat. All of these ideas will help you keep your caloric intake low.

Be mindful about liquid calories. It's easy to forget that liquid calories can be a real diet buster especially if you usually drink fruit juices and not typically unhealthy beverages such as sodas. But these calories can add up, even if you make healthy choices. A simple trick to consume less calories is to choose a tall glass over a short one. You could be consuming 19% less calories this way. Watering down juices is another way to make sure that you get the flavor you crave with less calories.

Make your own 100 calorie snack packs. If you are a fan of including snacks or mini meals to keep your metabolism busy, a good strategy is to make your own. Aside from including healthy treats for the day, you can also prepackage some of your favorite treats. That way you will be able to take control splurges virtually guilt free. This technique can also work for food staples you typically indulge in such as pasta or rice as you will be less likely to underestimate your intake.

Limit your choices. Aside from keeping unhealthy foods out of reach or even out of the house, making sure your choices are limited will increase the chances of overindulging. Just as you are more likely to want to taste a variety of foods that are served at a party, you will be more likely to have bigger portions overall if you have many options in your home as well.

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